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Call WBG Commercial Lending Before You Take That Hard Money Loan!

Don't get trapped, fooled or bamboozled by hard money loans with HIGH upfront fees, HIGH rates and unrealistically short terms. Not only do you have alternatives if your bank says no, you don't have to take that hard money loan either. Call WBG Commercial Lending for a free commercial loan consultation.

Stated Income Loan Program

All loans are 30 year, fully amortized with the option of either a 3 Year Fixed or 8 Year Fixed term. Rates are as low as 6.74%. This loan is asset based, credit driven and perfect for investors that fall shy of traditional institutions underwriting requirements. No Tax Returns Required- Limited Documentation-Min Credit Score 650 – Minimum Loan Amount 75K-Maximum Loan Amount 2MM.

Rehab – Fix and Flip Loan Program:

Our Fix and Flip - Rehab Loan Program offers investors up to 80% of the purchase price and up to 100% of the repair cost not to exceed 65 -70% of the ARV ( After Repair Value). The Rates start at 9.99%- Can be used for 1-4 Family Non Owner Occupied Residential Properties. Minimum Credit score 600-Term 12-18 Months-Minimum Loan Amount 75k – Maximum Loan Amount 2.5M.

Line of Credit Loan Program

Our Line of Credit Loan Program was designed for active investors seeking acquisition funding for single family, town homes and multi units. This loan program features: Fixed rates, the lesser of 80% Loan to Cost or 70% Loan to Value and 12-24 month terms; revolving and non revolving options; loan amounts starting at a minimum of $1,000,000 to a maximum of $50,000,000; closing in 2-4 weeks; and interest rates starting at 9.00%.

Rental Portfolio Loan Program

The Rental Portfolio Loan Program is designed for the investor looking to finance multiple properties as a group and to offer an alternative to multiple single transactions and repetitive closing cost. Rental Portfolio Loan program provides the investor the opportunity to take advantage of the aggregate value of the portfolio, mixing higher and lower valued assets in one portfolio loan for maximum leverage. The Rental Portfolio Loan program can be used for as few as 2 properties up to 20 or more. Rates start at around 6.50% fixed.

30 Year Rental Property Loan Program

Our long term rental program is for investors seeking refinance or acquisition funding for single family, townhomes and multi units rental properties to retain for the long term. We offer fully documented, stated income and streamline loan options on this program.

Hard Money Loan Program:

Our Hard Money Loan Program is based on common sense underwriting and fast closings. Your loan is primarily based on the collateral not your credit. Each situation is different and we strive to package and present your loan to investors eager to fund it. Please call to discuss you needs.